CEAG boasts a proud history of manufacturing lighting and control products for a broad range of industry sectors for over 100 years.

Since its formation in 1912, CEAG Ltd has provided a range of lighting products and services to a worldwide customer base. During this time, CEAG has gained an enviable reputation for supplying and manufacturing high quality lighting and control solutions. The company has established itself as a trusted supplier to many customers, large and small, around the world.
CEAG offers a comprehensive range of automotive, industrial, explosion proof and hazardous area lighting, electrical control equipment and related products.

Company History

CEAG The Early Days In 1912 the Home Office, anxious to discover a Lamp which would conform to all safety and performance requirements, inaugurated an International Competition offering prizes to the value of £1000 for the best lamps submitted, the first prize being £600. 200 lamps of various designs and manufacture were submitted. The “CEAG” Electric Lamp was declared the winner and described at the time as the “safest mining lamp in the world”. By 1919, over 500,000 CEAG lamps were supplied to 300 installations. Although the origins of the company are steeped in mining, the continuous development of new, innovative products saw the business diversify into further industry sectors. This included military, marine, railways and aerospace. During the 1940s, the automotive sector became one of CEAG’s biggest sales areas and “Lumax” became a trusted global brand that would dominate this particular sector for many years.

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