Two of the most important safety factors in aerospace are to see and to be seen. Subsequently, safety and reliability of staff and passengers in the Aerospace sector is of paramount importance in the provision of Aerospace Lighting.

The continued growth in air travel is contributing to the growth of Aerospace Lighting. As a result, there is therefore, an increasing focus to enhance safety standards and improve the passenger experience.

CEAG’s LED lighting features robust design, increasing longevity and reliability. So that continuous improvement occurs, we combine our state of the art technology with sophisticated design and optical excellence to ensure product excellence for our customers.

CEAG internal and external lighting perform consistently and reliably in all conditions. Our lighting solutions continue to deliver superior colour accuracy and illumination.

The continuing drive to increase the energy efficiency of aerospace lighting contributes to environmental improvement and cost control.

In order to achieve on-going cost improvement, there is a continuing focus on reducing maintenance and operating costs.  Consequently, the improvements to the design and production of aerospace lighting are key to achieving this objective.

The rigorous testing of our components is key to our success, therefore CEAG ensures all lighting complies with the highest industry standards.

The critical importance of replacement components is a key feature for CEAG. The access to a wide range of stock is a key part of the CEAG offer.

With decades of experience, our sales team has the technical knowledge to meet your lighting needs. Our team will work with you to source innovative and creative lighting solutions to meet your specification.

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