Bespoke Lighting Solutions

First and foremost our 100 years experience of the supply of lighting solutions ensures CEAG products are of the highest quality.

Importantly we operate to the highest quality standards along with our to exceed our customer’s expectations at all times. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. CEAG manufacture and rigorously test with precision engineering to meet the highest standards

These are some of the reasons that CEAG is a major supplier to globally recognised brands.

Importantly CEAG lighting is longer-lasting, energy-efficient and will reduce your operational costs, keep your spaces safe, and improve workplace productivity.

CEAG Hazardous Area LED Lighting is world renowned. We carefully consider client requirements, alongside the environmental needs and unique challenges that face hazardous area lighting. Furthermore our experience to meet the demands of lighting in hazardous environments is subsequently a key strength.

We combine the efficiency of long life LED with robust design suitable for hazardous area lighting.  Approved for use in Zone 1 and 2 hazardous areas, CEAG products provide superior performance.

Some of our recent projects include: inspection equipment for pressure vessels, theatre and surgeon’s lighting, explosion proof luminaires, aircraft components and tunnel inspection lamps.

CEAG operates from our UK based factory, from where our lighting solutions can be found in some of the world’s most challenging environments.

To learn more about our CEAG lighting solutions, please contact us via the online form link, or email