CEAG is proud to manufacture the globally recognised Lumax brand of car, truck and bus bulbs. Our Lumax Automotive Bulbs are instantly recognisable as a brand you can trust. The heritage of the Lumax bulb goes back over 70 years. In the 1940s, the automotive sector became CEAG’s biggest sales areas with “Lumax” becoming a trusted global brand.



The Lumax brand continues to be a favourite of vehicle enthusiasts to keep vintage cars, truck and buses looking as original as possible. The authenticity and quality of our manufacturer-produced bulbs keeps vehicles in the best possible condition.

A broad range of customers continue to use traditional incandescent and also LED replacement bulbs. The use of CEAG bulbs is extensive, examples include heritage and classic car, bus, truck and rail museums including the London Transport Museum. It is with great pride that we continue to help keep the memory of the British Motor Industry alive.



With decades of experience, we certainly understand the automotive industry inside out. As a result of our unrivalled wealth of knowledge and expertise, the quality of everything we produce remains very high. Our famous bulbs have also supported drivers in the Le Mans 24 hour classic car race.

We manufacture our bulbs to the very highest standards using premium quality materials to ensure both high performance and reliability. Indeed, at CEAG we acknowledge the requirement for the continuation of the highest quality of components and manufacturing process for our loyal customers.

The quality of CEAG products continues to be supported by both internal and external testing. This approach ensures the highest quality of industry standards are consistent in the production process. 

To find out more about CEAG and our Lumax bulbs please contact us by email on, or via the enquiry button.