Industrial Lighting & Accessories

CEAG offers a range of innovative and reliable indoor and outdoor industrial lighting and accessories. To begin with it is important to consider the elements that work to impact the amount and quality of light reaching a surface.

With over 100 years trading history and a team of industry experts, we have the knowledge and experience to identify the best lighting solutions. Our in-house  design team also work with leading design and manufacturing partners to offer the widest possible choice.

We supply the latest in advanced LED light fixtures and systems including retrofit LED light modules. Our advanced LED luminaires feature the latest technology combined with smart design.

Our range of lighting delivers proven performance to provide safe environments for refineries, manufacturing plants and other industrial applications. For example, lighting retrofits can improve safety by addressing areas of low light that could be potential safety hazards. A retrofit upgrade with CEAG lighting and accessories can improve light levels and reduce energy consumption.

We combine the efficiency of long life LED with robust design suitable for hazardous area lighting.  Approved for use in Zone 1 and 2 hazardous areas, CEAG products provide superior performance.

Lighting selection doesn’t only reduce energy and costs, it also enhances the aesthetics of a building. The choice of lighting can enhance the colour scheme of a space and highlight building features.

As a result of decades of experience and innovative product developments we provide industrial lighting to over 30 countries.

CEAG products are in use by wholesalers, contractors, designers, public authorities and hospitals across many industries and sectors. Furthermore, they can be found in refineries, car parks, warehousing, street lighting, urban landscapes, transport and flood lighting.

To learn more about CEAG’s industrial lighting solutions, please contact us via the online form link, or email