CEAG offers a wide range of medical lighting solutions for the types of applications that are present with healthcare facilities. Importantly, from our extensive experience we understand the requirements of medical professionals and patients.

The appearance of healthcare facilities is important so as to create a professional image and appearance. CEAG’s lighting solutions can support this aim and contribute to the user and visitor experience.

The creation of comfortable environments for patients and their families is a key consideration of our healthcare lighting solutions. For example, lighting contributes to making it easy for patients and visitors to navigate buildings.

So as to create a friendly and calming experience lighting supports the creation of welcoming environments for reception and waiting areas. Lighting solutions can also reduce patient anxiety, making it easier for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals to carry out their work.

In addition, specialist lighting solutions are available to support the equipment used by surgeons and doctors to undertake their procedures.

Furthermore, the CEAG range supports the functions of the healthcare sector with a range of office lighting solutions. Additionally, public spaces such as walkways and car parking require effective lighting to help security, feelings of comfort and to make it easier for people to navigate external areas.

CEAG has a wide range of  products to meet the needs of doctors’ surgeries, hospitals, dental clinics and veterinary practices.

In particular, CEAG ensures the design and manufacture of our products meet the highest industry standards.

The critical importance of replacement components is a key feature for CEAG. The access to a wide range of stock is a key part of the CEAG offer.

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