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EX Power Distribution and Control Solutions

GHG635 Ex Explosion Protected Motor Starters

The GHG 635 power circuit breaker and manual motor starter, features phase-failure protection as well as thermal and electromagnetic tripping for reliable motor protection. An optional under-voltage trip or auxiliary contact is available. The switch position is always indicated by the switch handle.A special safety feature offered by the manual motor starter is that it can only be switched on on-site where the drive is.
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GHG26 Explosion Protected Disconnect Switches

CEAG safety switches can be protected against inadvertent switching on by our integratedlocking facility for up to three padlocks in the OFF position. The enclosure covers cannot beopened in the locked position without destroying the enclosure itself.
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GHG41 Ex – e Explosion – protected Control Stations

Even under the most adverse conditions, CEAG control stations can be used and operated reliably. The enclosures consist of low-temperature impact-resistant thermoplastic to EN60079 and provides a high resistance to chemicals.
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GHG273 – explosion protected light switches

The explosion-protected installation switches are for use in the Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22. The robusthousings are made of a modified polyamide material.A protective collar prevents inadvertent operation.The switch can be installed easily while the cover is closed.
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GHG29 Ex-e Control Switches

The GHG 29 control switch series features an easy-to-install and easy-to-connect design. This control switch can be implemented with up to 6 contacts and for 2 to 5 switch positions. The external contours of the enclosure facilitate access to the connection terminals for ease of installation. The impact-resistant, glass-fibre-reinforced polyester enclosure material with stands the most rugged industrial operating conditions.
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