CEAG lighting products transform public spaces and transport routes, making them safer, more accessible and welcoming. For these open spaces to be welcoming, and to feel safe for people using them, they must be efficiently and sufficiently well-lit.

We offer lighting solutions to illuminate public areas such as car parks, sports stadiums, parks and other pedestrian areas.

CEAG has a large variety of floodlights available from fixture types that include in-ground, wall-mounted, ground-mounted and post top lighting solutions. Our lighting range can make spaces more inviting and help create visual experiences.

Furthermore, in addition to the physical changes of lighting these spaces to make them safer, lighting can alleviate the fear of crime, and therefore encourage greater use of them.

With ever increasing traffic, road lighting is becoming an even more important factor in road safety considerations. Good lighting guides drivers and provides increased visibility, while also controlling glare and maintaining uniform light quality.

Effective road and street lighting will support the community safety aims of public authorities. Improved street lighting can also boost the leisure economy, promoting economic development in the area.

Effective lighting can help to reduce road traffic accidents and street crime. It can also help reduce residents’ fear of crime, with more people feeling they can walk the streets after dark.

Our comprehensive range of road lighting responds to the needs of all types of road and surrounding environments. All of the above qualities are further enhanced by the adoption of LED lighting. The addition of energy efficient lighting combines with low maintenance to create environmental friendliness to streets.

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